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Hey, friends! My name is Thony Danielle Labrador. I'm a software developer who specializes on full-stack development. I constantly arm myself with the latest technologies that helps me develop competitive web and software applications. I believe that knowledge is a never-ending pursuit, always ready to consider individual goals as a beginning and never an end.

Ateneo de Davao University

Computer Science

Education (in progress)

Introduction to Computing • Computer Programming • Discrete Structures • College Trigonometry • Differential Calculus • Linear Algebra • Probability and Statistics


Full-Stack Engineer

Career Switch / Education (in progress)

HTML • CSS • JavaScript • Git and GitHub • Interactive Design • Responsive Design • Pair Programming • Test-Driven Development • Web Apps • React

Ateneo de Davao University



Basic Financial Accounting and Reporting • Conceptual Framework and Accounting Standards • IT Software and Tools for Business • Cost Accounting • Managerial Economics • Financial Markets and Institutions • Statistics with Software Application • Auditing and Assurance Principles • Accounting Information Systems • Law on Obligations and Contracts • Economic Development

Ateneo de Davao University

Accountancy, Business
and Management

Education - High School - Top 1 ABM Student

Organization and Management • Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management • Principles of Marketing • Business Math • Business Finance • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility • Business Enterprise Simulation • Applied Economics


Coding Projects


Jammming allows users to search the Spotify library, create a custom playlist, then save it to their Spotify account.

React, Spotify API

Spotify Music Previews

Spotify Music Previews shows a list of featured music from Spotify and display the preview audio clip of each song.

React, Spotify API


Wanderlust returns the weather and the possible destinations depending on the location the user requested.

JavaScript, Foursquare API, OpenWeather API

Find Your Hat

The Find Your Hat program is an interactive terminal game. The scenario is that the player has lost their hat in a field full of holes, and they must navigate back to it without falling down one of the holes or stepping outside of the field.



The Tic-Tac-Toe program is a two-player terminal game where each player plays against each other, each trying to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of X's or O's to win the game.


Motion: Move With Style

Motion is a business startup retailer company that sells trendy socks. This training project, prepared by Codecademy has been an invaluable exercise in enhancing my knowledge on the application of CSS flexbox.

Responsive Web Design

More GitHub repositories



Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress can be a perfect for varying types of web presence, from a portfolio website where creative individuals can showcase their best work to a member website where one can build communities.

Creative Web Design

I take your abstract ideas and represent them on the web in a way that will be useful for your end users or clients. I design sites using accepted current web standards so they are usable, easy to navigate, simple to maintain and as future-proof as possible.

Responsive Web Development

Creating websites that are responsive means making web pages look good on all devices, from mobile to large monitors.